Health and Safety

Student health, safety and well-being is a top priority for Wofford College and the Office of International Programs. The Office of International Programs, in conjunction with our partner programs, seeks to empower study abroad students with the information, resources and dispositions necessary to maintain their holistic wellness and general safety while abroad.

The following health and safety resources are meant to prompt students to think critically and reflect prior to their study abroad experiences. Students are encouraged to explore and review the information provided in the following resources and consult past program participants who can give invaluable, first-hand insights into the student experience abroad.  


Suggestions for communications while abroad.

Staying Safe

Suggestions for staying safe while abroad.

Holistic Healthy Practices

Suggestions for maintaining holistic healthy practices while abroad.

Country-Specific Medical Information

Understanding country-specific medical information while abroad.

Sexual Health

Suggestions for considering sexual health while abroad.


Considering insurance while abroad.


Suggestions for dealing with emergencies while abroad.