Returning Home

The Office of International Programs (OIP) looks forward to having you back on campus as a seasoned traveler and a proponent of international education. Your feedback is invaluable to our advising, so please complete your study abroad program evaluation on your Wofford study abroad application

Upon returning to the United States and to Wofford, students are often eager to share their experiences from overseas with friends, family, and members of the Wofford community. Everyone navigates re-adjustment differently; some will return to life at Wofford without missing a beat. Others may feel a cultural dissonance, also known as reverse culture shock. Reverse culture shock is normal, but students who find re-entry overwhelming should contact Counseling Services.

Photo Contest

Submit photos from study-abroad experiences for a chance to win prizes.

Two to Tell Contest

Share your experience in two minutes with six photos.

Become a Global Ambassador

Mentor and guide other students considering an experience abroad.

Go Abroad Again

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