Program: Pre-Law


Wofford’s Pre-Law program is very active, hosting workshops and activities aimed to prepare students for law school admission. Attend seminars that will assist in the application process, meet with area law school admissions directors, visit law schools with us, participate in an internship during the pre-law interim and attend the LSAT bootcamp 


While no specific major or sequence of courses is required for admission to law school, Wofford students plan their curriculum carefully with the assistance of a pre-law program advisor. Students should take courses in English, American history, government, economics, mathematics, ethics, writing and public speaking. Ultimately, most successful law school applicants major in one of the humanities or social sciences. Another good choice is an interdisciplinary major. 

In addition to successful completion of a broad liberal arts undergraduate program, law school admissions committees consider scores on the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT), which measures general analytical skills and qualities of thought and expression. Each fall many Wofford pre-law students take advantage of an optional on-campus LSAT workshop, available for a small fee. 


Special Features of the Pre-Law Experience 
During the January Interim term, Wofford pre-law students can move beyond the classroom and into the courthouses and offices of judges, public defenders, solicitors and private attorneys through a program supervised by a faculty member with the advice of the Spartanburg County Bar Association.  This Interim program has led to part-time jobs in law offices for some students.