Philosophy, the “love of wisdom,” leads us to ask questions about ourselves, our world and what may lie beyond. In pursuing these questions, students enhance their abilities in analysis, self-reflection, argumentation and communication. Students of philosophy have many options after graduation; philosophy is excellent training for careers in law, politics and business.

Professor Nancy Williams

Meet Dr. Nancy Williams

Dr. Nancy Williams, associate professor and chair of philosophy, specializes in feminist philosophy and ethical theory, with particular focus on animal rights and food ethics. Reflecting these interests, her January Interim courses have included literary criticisms of human-animal relations and vegetarian cooking. Williams enjoys a range of outdoor activities, including road biking, hiking and cross- country travel in a recreational vehicle.

Kathleen Hughes

Meet Kathleen Hughes ’19

Kathleen Hughes was the first undergraduate student to   be accepted to the International Human Science Research Conference in Molde, Norway, where she presented her phenomenological research that focuses on the impact of public community spaces on the Latinx community in Spartanburg, S.C. After graduation she moved to Washington, D.C., to pursue an entry-level position with a research institute before matriculating into a master’s or Ph.D. program in philosophy after several years in the workforce. “Being a philosophy major taught me important critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to analyze an argument from both perspectives,” says Hughes.

In addition to becoming attorneys, physicians or professors, Wofford philosophy majors have gone on to be:

Associate in a public relations agency
Office manager of an NYC design firm
Voice-over professional
Manager in the music industry
Founder and owner of a start-up rum distillery
Arena pro football champion player
Environmental lobbyist
Director in a university development office
Motivational speaker
And many other varied life-paths

Wofford philosophy students have completed post-graduate studies at:

Charleston School of Law
Charlotte School of Law
Duke Divinity School
Elon University
Mississippi State University
Savannah School of Art and Design
University of Houston
University of Oklahoma School of Law
University of South Carolina School of Law
Vanderbilt University