Before You Leave Wofford

Material Submissions

Complete any post-acceptance materials required by the Office of International Programs (OIP) within your online application. Your program provider will also have various material requirements for you to submit to them via their individual application portal. Your off-campus study participation is contingent upon the timely submission of required materials to the OIP and your program provider. You are also required to attend pre-departure meetings as indicated by the OIP and your program provider. Details about any mandatory pre-departure meetings will be sent to you via email. Please be sure to read all communication sent to you by the OIP or your program provider and follow all instructions as indicated. Note that some communication will come in the form of an email, but students will also receive information via their online application portals.


During the semester prior to your departure, you will receive communication from the OIP and your provider giving instructions on how to register for classes for your term off-campus. Please be sure to read this communication and follow all instructions as indicated.

While studying off-campus, you will receive emails from the Registrar and the OIP announcing registration for the following semester. You will be expected to register for classes as usual on myWofford for the next term, however, in the event you're unable to register while studying off-campus, the OIP will be available to assist, upon request (you will receive further instruction via email on how to request registration support from the OIP, as needed). 

Note: You will not be able to register for classes if you have any holds on your account, so be sure to take care of any fines or other holds before leaving for your off-campus study program. Additionally, if you need any special permissions or overrides in order to register for specific courses, you will want to coordinate with the appropriate faculty-member in advance to ensure you have what you need before registration opens.

If your program requires your absence from campus during January, then successful completion of the program will stand in lieu of Interim. However, please note that you will NOT receive 3 hours of Interim credit.


If you have any questions about billing prior to departure, please contact Sherri Gossett in Students Accounts Receivable (the Business Office) at Please note that Wofford will charge an administrative fee for study abroad. Do not forget to pay all your outstanding fines and bills to ensure that you have no holds on your account when you leave. Additionally, you must acknowledge and sign the Off-Campus Study Statement of Understanding as part of your post-acceptance materials via your online application.

Financial Aid

If you have any questions about financial aid or scholarships, please contact Julie Stott in the Office of Financial Aid at Please note that Julie cannot review and discuss any specifics of your financial aid package until after midterms.

Residence Life

Students studying off-campus in the spring must participate in the standard housing lottery and selection process outlined by the Office of Residence Life. Students must pay their reservation deposit and submit their housing application/agreement by the deadlines indicated by Residence Life. Resident students planning to study off-campus during the spring semester whose program dates conflict with the Interim term must vacate their residence halls no later than the last day of final exams in fall semester. Those whose program dates do not conflict with the Interim term should enroll in Interim and plan to vacate their residence halls by the Friday before spring semester at Wofford begins. All resident students must return their room key to Residence Life before departure unless otherwise instructed by a Residence Life staff member.

Students planning to study off-campus in the fall may not participate in Residence Life's standard housing lottery and selection process. However, these students must still pay the reservation deposit by the deadline indicated by Residence Life in order to study off-campus and pre-register for classes (note: this reservation deposit is in addition to/separate from the off-campus study confirmation deposit). Students who are registered for an off-campus program on May 1 will be removed from the housing lottery, and should those students decide to stay on-campus after May 1, then housing will be assigned to them on a space-available basis. During the fall semester (typically October), Residence Life will email a housing application to all students studying off-campus in order for each student to request on-campus housing for the spring semester (including Interim) or otherwise indicate their intention to live off-campus in the spring. Residence Life will prioritize on-campus housing placements on a space-available basis for students returning from studying off-campus so long as they pay their reservation deposit and submit their housing application by the deadlines indicated by Residence Life.

If you have further questions about the housing application process, rooming assignments, or other questions about on-campus housing after your return from a semester off-campus, then please contact Residence Life at

Two-factor Authentication

Wofford College requires two-factor authentication in order to log into Wofford accounts, which can sometimes create challenges if a student is unable to access their US phone number while studying abroad. To resolve these challenges, students studying abroad should download the Microsoft Authenticator app on their phones as an alternative method to completing the authentication process. Students can download and set up the app using these instructions, and they can visit to update their contact information, as needed.