Policies and Procedures

ID/key cards

All Wofford students, faculty and staff must have an ID/key card made when they first arrive on campus. They are available at the Office of Campus Safety in the Mungo Student Center. ID/key cards are used to identify you as a member of the campus community and to provide access to appropriate residence halls as well as academic and administrative buildings. They also may be loaded with Terrier Bucks for use in campus dining facilities.

Replacement ID card

The Office of Campus Safety will replace non-functioning ID cards for free. Return the non-functioning card to the office for a replacement. Lost ID cards will be replaced for $25.

Traffic rules and procedures

The director of campus safety oversees the college’s traffic operations. All traffic rules of the state of South Carolina apply on the Wofford campus. Questions and concerns should be addressed to the director at 864-597-4351.

Vehicle registration

All students and employees who drive, operate or control, park, let stand or otherwise use or maintain a motor vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles or mopeds) on college controlled or owned property must register the vehicle with the Campus Safety Office. Campus Safety will issue parking permit stickers to employees and students. Student parking stickers must be placed on the outside bottom left rear (driver’s side) window in a manner that will ensure that the decal cannot be removed or lost. Taping, using suction cups or laying a sticker in the back-window area of a vehicle is not permitted. Employees will place their stickers on the left rear bumper or window. Permit placement on motorcycles or mopeds will be on the left rear shock or fender (or opposite side if a state permit occupies the space). The parking sticker must be displayed on the vehicle in order to park anywhere on campus or college property. The cost of this decal is covered in the registration cost for the academic year for students and is free for employees. Employee stickers are good for the term of employment, while student permits are good for four years. Students must register their vehicles within 48 hours of their arrival.

Speed limit

The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

Stop signs

There are several stop signs on campus. Campus Safety may ticket students, employees and visitors who fail to stop for these.


Parking is permitted in marked spaces only. Parking on curbs that are not marked as spaces, as well as on yellow or red curbs, is prohibited. Students and employees whose vehicles are parked on sidewalks, the grass or other grounds will be ticketed. Illegally operated or parked vehicles are subject to impoundment/immobilization at the expense of the owner. View the parking zones.

Faculty and staff parking

Designated spaces for employees (faculty and staff) are in the Admission, Montgomery Music Building and Butler Circle parking lots. Also, the horseshoe-shaped drive located behind Main Building, the designated spaces at the south side of the Shipp/Olin lot, the entire Admission lot and along the curb adjacent to the Papadopoulos Building are reserved for faculty, staff and visitors from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Parking in the B Lot (across from the Joe E. Taylor Center) is for approved college events only. The lot is not for use by Greek organizations for routine events at the Greek Village.

Student parking

Students may park their vehicles in the following lots:

  • 77 marked (designated for Wofford use by signs and yellow-marked spaces) spaces in the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium parking lot.
  • Calvary Baptist Church lot on Osage (across from the Village lot).
  • Carlisle lot (behind Marsh Hall).
  • Cumming Street lot.
  • Marsh Hall (in front of Marsh Hall).
  • Mungo Student Center/DuPre Hall lot.
  • Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts lot (except for advertised events requiring the use of the lot).
  • Shipp Hall/Olin Building lot, except for the faculty/staff/visitor designated spaces at the south end of the lot (behind DuPre and the president’s home). These spaces are reserved from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Reserved spaces are clearly marked by signs.
  • Lot behind Snyder Field.
  • Village parking lots (parking is prohibited on sidewalks, grass and fire lanes adjacent to trees and fences).

Restricted spaces/lots:

Parking is not allowed on Campus Drive or Evins or Cumming streets. Parking along the curb at the Burwell Building is for students and employees with a disability placard, tag or permit. Students also are prohibited from parking in the Wellness Center parking lot. Students visiting the Wellness Center may park in the Marsh lot directly across Campus Drive from the Wellness Center. Students are prohibited from parking at any time in the Montgomery Music Building lot. Students also are prohibited from parking in the Admission lot from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Unloading/loading for move-in/out

Students moving into Wightman and Lesesne Halls may not park along Evins Street. They may stop on the street long enough to unload their vehicle on the sidewalk and then move to a lot only during official move-in/out days in September and May. Students also may park in the Shipp lot or on Butler Circle while unloading. Students may only drive on fire lanes at the Village twice a year: during officially recognized upperclassman move-in and during announced periods at graduation. Campus Safety will ticket cars parked on fire lanes any other times. Students may never drive or park on the grass anywhere on campus. Students moving into Greene Hall may not park on Campus Drive and will use the Carlisle lot and Marsh Circle for loading/unloading.

Disability parking

Vehicles are required to display a valid state disability license plate/hang tag or a Wofford College disability permit (temporary) to park in disability spaces on campus. Disability permits are available at no charge from the director of the Wellness Center. The college permits are valid only on campus.

Overflow parking

The Richardson/Harley lot is generally used for overflow parking. Student athletes are not permitted to park in the lot unless they are being treated by a trainer. Parking in the Richardson/Harley lot is only permitted in spaces designated by white lines. The Richardson/Harley lot must be vacated on weekends of home football games and other special events. The director of athletics has authorized that Campus Safety tow cars left in the Richardson lot before home games. Students, particularly residents and athletes, are discouraged from parking in the Harley lot. Employees and students are prohibited from driving through the access pathway on the side of the Richardson Physical Activities Building to gain access to East Cleveland Street behind the building. The Richardson Indoor Stadium lot also is a designated overflow lot. Students and employees are prohibited from parking in spaces reserved for visitors.

Library curb

Faculty, staff and students are prohibited from parking in the four spaces reserved for library patrons at the east (right) side of the library from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. These spaces are reserved for guests visiting our library.

Fines and appeals

The driver of the vehicle is responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle. Improper parking, parking in reserved spaces, impeding the flow of traffic and failure to register a vehicle/display decal are $30 fines. Parking in or blocking a disability space and parking in a fire lane are $100 fines. Fines may be reduced if they are paid within three business days of the violation. Students and employees may pay or appeal parking citations online by going to https://woffordcollege.rmcpay.com/.

Vehicle safety and theft protection

Wofford College assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle, or its contents, operating or parked on campus. Valuables, if not removed, should be secured and out of sight. Unlocked vehicles are easy targets for thieves that occasionally find their way into our parking lots. Vehicle break-ins over the last few years have involved subjects simply checking door handles for unlocked vehicles. Thefts or damage should be reported immediately to the college Campus Safety Office at 864-597-4350. Campus Safety discourages any parking on Memorial Drive as there are no sidewalks. This street is a city street and is not under the jurisdiction of Campus Safety. In the past, there has been a high rate of vehicle break-ins on the street. Students and employees walking to their vehicles (or any other locations on campus) at night, especially to remote parking lots, are reminded that Campus Safety provides safety escorts. Members of the campus community can request safety escorts by calling 864-597-4350.


These regulations are in effect throughout the year. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in ticketing, booting or towing at the owner’s expense. In instances where an operator refuses to remove a vehicle from a prohibited space or the vehicle has a significant number of unpaid tickets, the director of Campus Safety has the authority to place an immobilizing device on the car. Wofford students and employees are responsible for informing their guests of these regulations. The college reserves the right to search vehicles on campus for the purpose of safety, maintenance, legal or emergency situations.

Missing student policy and procedure

In compliance with federal law, Wofford College has established policies and procedures concerning when a student residing in on-campus housing is determined to be missing.

Property protection

  • Protection of personal property on the Wofford College campus is owner’s responsibility. While the Office of Campus Safety strives to make the campus a safe and secure location, the campus is an open environment. Follow these tips to keep property safe:
  • Fill out the Operation ID Property List. Provide a copy to the Office of Campus Safety and retain a copy. Serial numbers are key to recovering property.
  • Take digital photographs of the valuables and attach them to the Operation ID Property List.
  • The Office of Campus Safety will etch small valuable items with the owner’s name on request; items should be taken to the campus safety office.
  • Engravers are available for sign-out from the Office of Campus Safety for engraving larger valuables such as TVs, stereos and computers.
  • Residence hall room doors should always be locked, whether the resident has left the room or is in the room, including when sleeping.
  • Immediately report strangers or suspicious persons or activity in or around residence halls.
  • Check on your vehicle often. Do not leave it for days or weeks without checking on it.
  • Never leave valuables in plain sight in vehicles. Always lock vehicles.
  • Vehicles left on campus during breaks may be parked in one of the locked parking lots.
  • A lock box for small valuables is a good idea.