Policies and Procedures

ID/Key Cards

All Wofford students, faculty and staff must have an ID/key card made when they first arrive on campus. They are available at the Office of Campus Safety in the Campus Life Building. ID/key cards are used to: 1) identify you as a member of the campus community, 2) provide access to appropriate residence halls and/or academic/administrative buildings, and 3) may be loaded with Terrier Bucks for use in campus dining facilities.

Replacement ID Card

The Office of Campus Safety will replace non-functioning ID cards for free; return the non-functioning card to the office for a replacement. Lost ID cards will be replaced for $25.

Missing Student Policy and Procedure

In compliance with federal law, Wofford College has established policies and procedures concerning when a student residing in on-campus housing is determined to be missing.

Traffic and Parking Rules

The director of campus safety oversees the college’s traffic and parking operations. All traffic rules/laws of the state of South Carolina apply on the Wofford campus.

Property Protection

Protection of personal property on the Wofford College campus is owner’s responsibility. While the Office of Campus Safety strives to make the campus a safe and secure location, the campus is an open environment. Follow these tips to keep property safe:

  • Fill out the Operation ID Property List. Provide a copy to the Office of Campus Safety and retain a copy. Serial numbers are key to recovering property.
  • Take digital photographs of the valuables and attach them to the Operation ID Property List.
  • The Office of Campus Safety will etch small valuable items with the owner’s name on request; items should be taken to the campus safety office.
  • Engravers are available for sign-out from the Office of Campus Safety for engraving larger valuables such as TVs, stereos and computers.
  • Residence hall room doors should always be locked, whether the resident has left the room or is in the room, including when sleeping.
  • Immediately report strangers or suspicious persons or activity in or around residence halls.
  • Check on vehicles often; Do not leave it for days or weeks without checking on it.
  • Never leave valuables in plain sight in vehicles; always lock vehicles.
  • Vehicles left on campus during breaks may be parked in one of the campus locked parking lots.
  • A lock box for small valuables is a good idea.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles used by students and employees must display a Wofford College vehicle registration sticker/decal. These serve as parking permits. Employees stickers are valid for a specific vehicle for the term of their employment. If an employee changes vehicles, they must re-register. Students decals are valid for one year.

To receive a decal or sticker, all students (residents and commuters) and employees must complete a vehicle registration form located on myWofford. The electronic form will go to the Office of Campus Safety. Students are encouraged to fill out the form before they return to campus for a new academic year. Students must register their vehicles within 48 hours of arriving on campus.

Parking regulations and available parking locations

These regulations are in effect throughout the year. Failure to register a vehicle or to comply with the regulations will result in ticketing or towing at the owner's expense. Wofford students and employees are responsible for informing their guests of these regulations. The college reserves the right to search vehicles on campus for the purpose of safety, maintenance, legal or emergency situations.

Questions about vehicle registration can be addressed to the officers on duty at 864-597-4350.