About Summer School

Remote and in-person instruction will be used for both Session I and Session II of summer school 2021.  Please refer to the notation on the summer schedule as to how the course will meet.

Courses will be graded on the traditional A through F scale this summer.

Summer school at Wofford, conducted in two terms of five weeks each, begins each year in June and ends in August. The summer academic program reflects the same general purpose as that of the fall and spring semesters.

In each term, summer courses normally meet five times weekly, Monday through Friday, in daily class sessions of one hour and 45 minutes per course. In addition, science courses have laboratories three afternoons a week. Most summer courses carry credit of three or four semester hours each, and students may undertake a maximum of two courses per term.

Wofford’s Office of Financial Aid will contact Wofford students who are eligible for summer school financial aid.

For more information about summer school, contact the Office of the Registrar at 864-597-4030.