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If you have a question not covered by these FAQs, please contact a member of the residence life staff.



Get answers about Wofford's computer network, email system, cable TV, and phone service from the Information Technology Services page.

There are numerous advantages to living on campus including:

  • The feeling of community within your floor and residence hall.
  • You learn from others with different experiences and perspectives.
  • Various seminars and programs are presented by the Residence Life staff regarding issues such as study skills, time management, personal safety, conflict resolution.

Each resident is supplied the following furniture in his or her room: bed, desk, desk chair, armoire/closet, and dresser. 

The majority of our beds hold extra long mattresses. In some buildings standard twin beds are used. 

No. Lofting beds is not permitted.

All residence halls have air conditioning. However we do encourage students to bring fans to circulate air. 

Each residence hall room has a smoke detector installed for the protection of students. Fire drills are organized by Campus Safety at various times throughout the year. Fire extinguishers are strategically located throughout all residence halls.

No, students must leave the residence halls if they wish to smoke. Smoking is not permitted within 10 feet of any entrance to a residence hall. The use of "vaping" devices is also prohibited indoors. 

Students living in the residence halls are not permitted to have halogen lamps.

The following electrical appliances are permitted in residence hall rooms: radios, televisions, tape recorders, CD/DVD players, lamps, fans, hair dryers, computers, VCRs, microwaves, and small refrigerators.

For the convenience of Wofford College students and to help minimize electrical usage in the residence hall rooms, students may rent an Energy Star rated compact refrigerator/freezer/microwave oven unit called a MicroFridge through a partnership with a company called Standards For Living.

The following electrical appliances are not permitted in residence hall rooms: toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, hot plates and space heaters.

Yes! Each student has access to the campus network from his or her room.  Additional computer technology information is available through the Information Technology (IT) department. There are also computer labs located in Olin Building.

Each residence hall room has access to cable TV.

Each residence hall has a laundry room with multiple units for student use. The washers and dryers are free for residents.

The only pets permitted in the residence halls are fish in aquariums of 5 gallons or less capacity. Fish may be kept in private rooms, with the agreement of all roommates.

All residence halls are equipped with recycling centers. Students are encouraged to participate in college-wide recycling efforts.

Students are encouraged to use Command Strips to hang pictures and posters on the walls. Students are not permitted to put holes into the walls and doing so will result in fines to cover the damage to college property.