Fund opportunities for research, internships, scholarships and so much more.

The Wofford Fund

Annual gifts to The Wofford Fund support projects, programs and priorities critical to the college.

Terrier Club

The Terrier Club supports scholarships and essential resourses to student-athelets and 20 NCAA Division 1 sports programs.

Academic Excellence Funds

Made for loyal supporters who are committed to enhancing the rigor of our academic programs. There is an Academic Excellence Fund for each of the 25 departments on campus.

Annual Scholarships

An annually-funded scholarship provides a donor the opportunity to directly impact the academic experience of one Wofford student.

Military memorial

Join the movement to create a military memorial on campus!

The Wofford Way Unity Fund

The Wofford Way Unity Fund was started in 2021 by several members of the Class of 1969.