Steps to Study Off-Campus

If you're interested in semester, summer, or year-long program...

  1. Meet with an Office of International Programs staff member. 
    All interested students should schedule an advising appointment with the Office of International Programs (OIP) before selecting an off-campus program. The advising process is vital to choosing the appropriate program for each student's needs. The OIP staff works with each student individually to identify personal and academic goals for an off-campus study experience and encourages students to consider all programs that would meet those goals. In addition, it is important that students consult with their academic advisors to determine which programs or term abroad best suits their academic plans. The OIP is located in the Michael S. Brown Village Center and is open 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. 

  2. Apply online. 
    After you have completed your advising appointment and selected a program, email to confirm the program and term you've chosen for your off-campus experience. (Please note that students can only have one active program application per term.) After receiving your request, the OIP will create your program application in the OIP application portal. Once created, you'll be able to access your application by logging into the online portal with your Wofford credentials. Be sure to complete all steps and materials as outlined on your applicant homepage, or as otherwise indicated by your OIP advisor or program provider. All required materials should be submitted by the indicated application deadline for admission consideration.

  3. Apply for or renew your passport (for study abroad).
    If you intend to study abroad for a semester, summer, or year-long program, then you will need a valid* passport. Standard passport processing times vary and historically the OIP has seen processing times range from 5-7 weeks to 10-13 weeks or even longer (check here for current processing times). Please visit the U.S. Department of State's website for instructions on how to apply for a new passport or renew an existing passport. These instructions include information on how to pay for expedited processing and shipping if needed/desired.

    *If you already hold a passport, please check your document's expiration date to ensure that it has sufficient validity. Based on the entry requirements for most countries, the OIP recommends that student's passports be valid for at least 6 months after their program's expected end date. 

  4. Apply for scholarships.
    For semester and year-long study abroad, financial aid may apply, but often additional aid is helpful. Eligible applicants will automatically be considered for Wofford Travel GrantsThe Road Less Traveled Grant, and Partnership Access Grants by completing their program application by the stated Wofford deadline. Please see this link for more information, including other potential funding opportunities like external scholarships.

  5. Check your applicant homepage regularly. 
    After you have completed your application, check your applicant homepage and Wofford email regularly. You will receive your acceptance notification via email. Reminder notices will also will be posted to your applicant homepage or emailed to you.

  6. Confirm participation. 
    Once accepted, you must confirm your participation within the specified time frame (indicated in correspondence from your program provider). A deposit is required by each provider to confirm your spot in their off-campus study program. This is the only payment you should pay directly to the program before departure as it confirms your participation.

  7. Complete post-acceptance material requirements.
    Once you are accepted/confirmed, you must submit all post-acceptance materials, including a Wofford Course Approval Form, a Four-Year Planner, a Release for Off-Campus Study, and passport information (for study abroad applicants), among possible requirements, which may vary by program. Items required by the OIP can be found in the "Requirements" section on your applicant homepage. Your program provider will also have materials that you need to complete and submit directly to them, including various health and liability forms, among other requirements. Your provider will communicate with you about any requirements you need to complete for participation in their program. Study abroad participation is contingent upon the submission of all required materials to the OIP and your provider. For more information about important to-do items that you must complete before your off-campus experience please our "Before You Leave Wofford" page.

  8. Attend Ongoing Orientation meetings.
    The OIP provides an Ongoing Orientation series to help students prepare for their off-campus study experience. Students intending to study off-campus are required to attend these sessions, and you will be notified of session dates, times, and locations after your application is approved/accepted.