Related Programs

African and African-American Studies

Combining a traditional liberal arts perspective with interdisciplinary skills of investigation, analysis and communication, the African/African-American program draws from many disciplines and culminates in an independent capstone project designed to integrate two or more areas of study. To explore the rich history and culture of Africa and the descendants of Africa in America, the program integrates courses from art history, English, government, history, philosophy, religion, sociology and theatre.

Campus Life and Student Development

The Division of Campus Life and Student Development staff provides resources and programming for students, including what you need to know about residence life, new student information, the Wellness Center, the Office of Campus Safety, the Campus Post Office, resources for spiritual and religious life, and student activities, such as intramurals, recreation and club sports.

Center for Community-Based Learning

The CCBL is the connective tissue between Wofford and its surrounding communities – facilitating, deepening, connecting and championing trust-based, mutually beneficial, sustainable campus/community collaborations. The CCBL creates what Ernest Boyer (1998) called, "a special climate in which the academic and civic cultures communicate more continuously and creatively with each other."

Gender Studies

The Wofford Gender Studies Program offers students an integrated approach to the study of gender in human culture. Drawing on courses in such areas as art history, English, modern languages, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology, the program encourages students to pursue interests across several disciplines.

Halligan Center for Religious and Spiritual Life

The Halligan Center for Religious & Spiritual Life is staffed by a director and houses the Office of the Chaplain and the Director of Interfaith Programs.

Intercultural Studies

Majoring in intercultural studies offers students with a special interest in non- Western countries a chance to design their own major based on a course of study that focuses on a specific region or country. All intercultural studies majors are encouraged to study abroad in the area of the world that they are studying.

Latin American and Caribbean Areas Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program provides an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the historical, political, social and cultural inter-relationships of the nations and peoples of our hemisphere. The nations of Latin America and the Caribbean are our closest neighbors, and our future as a nation is closely tied to the region. Increasing interdependence throughout the hemisphere will bring new opportunities in the future for people with knowledge of the social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of the region as well as for those with language skills in French and Spanish.

Lifelong Learning at Wofford

Lifelong Learning at Wofford offers classes, events, travel and lectures for adults in the greater Spartanburg area. This community of learners and instructors meet year round in four terms to prove that learning never ends and becomes ever more important to aging minds and bodies.

Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Drawing on courses in art history, English, government, history, modern languages and religion, the Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENA) program encourages students to learn about the history, culture, politics and languages of the Middle East and North Africa. It culminates in an independent capstone project designed to integrate learning from diverse areas of study.

Modern Languages

The study of modern languages provides students intensive language, culture and literature classes with experienced professors, tutorial opportunities, conversational opportunities, a multimedia lab and a required study abroad experience. Modern language majors may earn internationally recognized certificates in oral proficiency from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, a value-added credential positioning them for the workplace or graduate study.

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) provides opportunities and resources that foster global awareness and intercultural development. We are committed to celebrating diversity in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.