The minor in education is designed for students who may be interested in a career in teaching or any other educational field, such as psychology, social work or speech therapy. It also is designed for students who plan to attend graduate school to complete a master’s degree in teaching or education and obtain teacher certification.

To complete the minor at Wofford, students must take six courses and complete one Interim. These courses allow students to experience what it’s like to teach, lead and mentor students in local classrooms.

Meet Christie Johnson ’95

Meet Christie Johnson ’95

Christie Johnson has taught full-time at Wofford since 2012. She teaches all of the education courses and is certified to supervise and evaluate student teachers during their clinical practice. She has served on the Spartanburg School District Six Board of Trustees for the past seven years and is currently vice-chair. She taught English for many years before joining the Wofford faculty.

Wofford College and Converse University have entered an agreement allowing Wofford undergraduate students to transition into a Converse program of graduate study working toward initial teacher certification through the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

The agreement creates a pathway for a “4 + 1” program of study, allowing students to receive a four-year baccalaureate degree from Wofford then to complete at least one additional year of graduate studies and any related requirements to satisfy requirements for both the MAT degree and
professional teacher certification, including student teaching. This program is available to Wofford students who have completed all or are within six hours of completing all requirements for the Wofford baccalaureate degree and who have completed a minimum of nine hours of the Wofford education minor curriculum.

Wofford students must complete a minimum of nine hours but may complete up to 15 hours of the following core courses, which may transfer to the Converse MAT program:

EDC 200 Foundations of Education
EDC 220 Teaching Diverse Student Populations
EDC 310 Foundations of Literacy
EDC 320 Human Growth and Development
EDC 330 Educational Psychology
EDC 340 Teaching of Reading
EDC 430 Interim. Education Seminar Field Experience