Major Physics
Minor Physics
Concentration Pre-Engineering


Wofford offers several paths toward a career in engineering: a traditional four-year degree in a major such as physics followed by graduate school or a dual-degree program with Clemson University or Columbia University. Both produce engineers with the expertise to tackle problems coupled with the background and breadth to offer creative solutions and innovative perspectives.

Dr. Mackay Salley ’95

Meet Dr. Mackay Salley ’95

Dr. Mackay Salley, professor of physics, teaches both first-year students and majors. Salley, who advises pre-engineering students, enjoys working with Wofford students on undergraduate research projects and traveling and studying with them during the college’s January Interim.

Grant Wollam ’21

Meet Grant Wollam ’21

Grant Wollam, a physics and finance double major, is an engineer with Quanta Technology. While at Wofford, he was a student-athlete and a participant in the Launch Entrepreneur Program. He co-founded the startup Tech Shelf and has a design patent for the technology. Wollam earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Clemson University.

Standard curriculum for pre-engineering students majoring in physics:
  Fall Spring
First year PHYS 141 PHYS 142
MATH 181 MATH 182
Sophomore year PHYS 211 PHYS 221
MATH 212 MATH 240
CHEM 123 CHEM 124
Junior year PHYS 331 PHYS 206
COSC PHYS Elective
PHYS Elective PHYS 311
ECON 201 or 202 PHYS Elective