Advising and Registration

Prior to registration each semester, students are assigned a registration time and an advising hold. The registration time, or time-ticket, is the assigned day and time when the registration system will open for the student. The advising hold can only be removed by the general education or major advisor. Advising holds are removed by the student’s advisor after the student and advisor meet to discuss courses for the following semester and any other aspects associated with the major, degree requirements, or next steps. The registration time ticket, advising hold (or any other hold), any overrides that have been granted can be viewed through myWofford, by selecting Student, Registration and Prepare for Registration.

Students should make an appointment with their advisor once the class schedule is available through myWofford. The schedule can be viewed multiple ways – the interactive schedule, the PDF, and in BannerWeb through the Registration link. For registration in Spring courses, the class schedule is available in October. For registration in Fall semester courses, the class schedule is available in March. Students should come the advising meeting with a schedule of the courses they plan to registration for.

The Plan Ahead Feature

‘Plan Ahead’ is available through myWofford by selecting Student, Registration and Plan Ahead. From here, students can search and build their schedule for the upcoming semester. The best process when creating a plan is to use the View Sections option. This provides the sections that will be offered with their assigned days and times. Students should plan to register for 12-18 credit hours. In order to graduate in fours years, students need to earn 30 credit hours each academic year. The plan should be discussed with the advisor and edits made as necessary. Additionally, students should select some back-up courses in case one or more of their preferred courses fills to capacity before they are able to register for it.

How to Register

Registration is process and can be stressful. Be patient. It will likely not be complete during the first week of registration. Students typically need to utilize the add/drop period to complete their schedules. The add/drop period for all students will open the Tuesday after the initial week of registration. Check the registration schedule for the specific details each term.

A couple of days prior to the assigned registration time, check the Prepare for Registration page to confirm the assigned registration time and verify all holds have been lifted. Prepare for Registration is accessed through myWofford, by selecting Student, Registration and Prepare for Registration.

Login to Registration (myWofford, Student, Registration, and Register for Classes) the morning of the assigned registration time, about 10 minutes early to ensure everything is working. When registration opens, go to Plans and click the Add button next to each course wanted and click the Submit button in the bottom right corner. Courses added to a student’s schedule will display a green box with the word Registered. Courses for which there is an error will note the error in red with a pop up describing the error. Any course with any error was not added to the student’s schedule. Be familiar with the Common Registration Error messages so that you know how to resolve them.