Faculty Achievements

December 2019

In addition to their excellence in teaching, many Wofford faculty members have published original research, received awards for excellence or have won prestigious grants. Below are the most recent faculty achievements:

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Dr. Geoff Mitchell

Dr. Geoff Mitchell, assistant professor of biology, along with five student coauthors, published “Genome-Wide Analysis of Cell Cycle-Regulating Genes in the Symbiotic Dinoflagellate Breviolum minutum” in G3: GENES, GENOMES, GENETICS (Nov. 1, 2019 vol. 9 no. 11 3843-3853; https://doi.org/10.1534/g3.119.400363)

Dr. Anne Rodrick

Dr. Anne Rodrick, professor of history, has been accepted into the inaugural Belcher Colloquium in Victorian Studies at St. Hugh's College, University of Oxford, in June 2020. Her presentation is titled "An Ecosystem of Talk: Exploring Mid-Victorian Knowledge-Based Culture." A volume of essays will follow the colloquium.

Dr. Laura Barbas Rhoden

Dr. Laura Barbas Rhoden, professor of Spanish, published “The Representation of Slow Violence and the Spatiality of Injustice in Y tu mamá también and Temporada de patos.” Ecofictions, Ecorealities, and Slow Violence in Latin America and the Latinx World, edited by Ilka Kressner, Ana María Mutis, and Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli, Routledge,2019.

Dr. Maria Hofmann

Dr. Maria Hofmann’s paper “Austria’s Indirect Cinema. Avoiding representation in Kurz davor ist es passiert (2006)” has been published by Studies in Documentary Film. Hofmann is an assistant professor of German.

Dr. Mark Byrnes

Dr. Mark Byrnes’ class on the Great Debate on US involvement in the Second World War was recently recorded by C-SPAN and aired on C-SPAN 3 on Dec. 7. Byrnes is professor and chair of the Department of History.

These faculty members have been awarded Summer Research Grants for the summer of 2020:

Dr. Caleb A. Arrington, professor of chemistry.
Dr. Stacey R. Hettes, professor of biology and associate provost for faculty development.
Dr. Maria A. Hofman, assistant professor of German.
Dr. Kirsten Krick-Aigner, professor of German.
Dr. Carolyn M. Martsberger, assistant professor of physics.
Dr. Geoffrey C. Mitchell, assistant professor of biology.
Dr. Anne B. Rodrick, professor of history.
Patrick Stanton, assistant professor of finance.
Dr. Amy L. Telligman, assistant professor of environmental studies.
Mariya Vlasova, assistant professor of studio art.
Dr. Thomas J. Wright, associate professor of mathematics.
Dr. Youngfang Zhang, associate professor of Chinese.

Dr. Daniel B. Mathewson
Curt McPhail

The Southern Conference recently named its All-Southern Conference Faculty and Staff Team, with two representatives each from all 10 member institutions being recognized by the league. The recipients share the common characteristics of demonstrated service to the institution and contributions to campus life and the local community. Faculty members selected have demonstrated strong contributions to teaching, research and/or service, while staff members are being recognized for bringing out the best in others and creating conditions for success. Selected for Wofford were Dr. Daniel B. Mathewson, associate professor of religion, and Curt McPhail, executive director of The Space in the Mungo Center professional and entrepreneurial development center. Each member of the All-SoCon Faculty and Staff Team receives a plaque and will be honored at a home basketball game at his or her institution. McPhail is a 1996 Wofford graduate and was the college’s 2012 Young Alumnus of the Year. He also is a two-time winner of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. Before coming to Wofford, he was with the Northside Development Corp., which focuses on the nearby Northside neighborhood. McPhail is the founder of globalbike, an international nonprofit that uses the transformative power of bicycles to connect women and resources. In recent years, he has led his team in special career services outreach to student-athletes at Wofford. Mathewson’s teaching generally centers on new religious movements, American evangelicalism, religious extremism, religion and pop culture, and religion and law. He also currently serves as director of new faculty teaching initiatives in the Center for Innovative Learning. He is keenly interested in the intersection of religion, sports (in particular, professional wrestling) and Southern culture. He recently co-founded the Professional Wrestling Studies Association and was elected editor of the public scholarship e-magazine PWSA Ringside. He also helped launch the Professional Wrestling Studies Journal, the first peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to this topic.

Dr. Courtney M. Dorroll

Dr. Courtney M. Dorroll, assistant professor of religion, has been awarded a program development grant from the Council of Independent Colleges NetVUE initiative in the amount of $47,298. NetVUE is the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education. The purpose of the grant is to deepen the intellectual and theological exploration of vocation among undergraduate students.