Preparing for Departure

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! Once your application has been confirmed and accepted by Wofford and your study abroad partner program, you may start preparing for your term abroad. The Office of International Programs requires that students attend all pre-departure orientations the semester prior to going abroad. 

If you have questions as you prepare for your term abroad, contact an International Programs adviser

Contact a Global Ambassador

Global Ambassadors are a select group of students who have been abroad and who can talk with you about the experience and answer your questions.

Study Abroad Forms and Registration

Submit a Four Year Planner, a  Course Approval Form and your Release for Study Abroad through your online Wofford Study Abroad application page. You will be expected to register for the semester following study abroad on myWofford. However, if this isn't possible, the Office of International Programs will take care of your registration. To be safe you should email an appropriate course schedule with CRNs in case a problem arises. During your semester overseas you will receive emails from the Registrar and the Office of International Programs announcing registration. You will not be able to register if you have any holds on your account so be sure to take care of any fines or other holds before leaving to go overseas.

Abroad During Interim

If your program requires your absence from this campus during January, successful completion of the program will stand in lieu of Interim; however, you will NOT receive 4 hours of credit.  

Ongoing Orientation 

The OIP offers extensive pre-departure programs and orientations designed to prepare students for their study abroad experiences.

Health and Safety 

Student health, safety, and wellness are essential to having a positive, impactful study abroad experience.

Identity Resources 

There are numerous resources available for study abroad students from underrepresented and/or diverse identities, communities, etc.

Travel Tips 

For many students, studying abroad may be the first time they have traveled independently.


Learning more about your program budget, planning for currency exchange rates, etc. are important parts of the pre-departure process.


While students' merit and need-based financial aid will transfer for one semester abroad, there are several scholarships and funding opportunities for which some students may qualify.

Study Abroad Blogs

Each semester, current study abroad students volunteer to serve as International Programs bloggers.