Wofford History

A History of Wofford College, 1854-present

Wofford College is not just Old Main, its award-winning campus grounds, or its presidents. Wofford is the stories told by—and about—its tens of thousands of students, faculty, staff, trustees, and friends.

The five chapters that follow are offered as “A History of Wofford College,” not “The History of Wofford College.” They synthesize published research (notably David Duncan Wallace’s foundational Wofford history, the college’s sesquicentennial history, and the college archivist’s research and writing) and incorporate new primary and secondary source research to respond to contemporary questions about the college’s founding generation and to discuss the college’s recent history.

“A History of Wofford College” captures several important stories about the college, but not all of them. Research into the college’s history is continuing, so the chapters are offered as a starting point, not a finish line. The college looks forward to sharing a broader range of stories and experiences in the future.

For more information about the college’s history, please visit the college archives page or take the college’s virtual walking tour.