As history majors at Wofford, students start by taking foundational courses that give a basis in Western history. Upper-level courses give students the freedom to take classes on topics that range from witchcraft and magic in early modern Europe to imperial Russia to Latin American history. Majors are advised by a talented group of historians who emphasize independent, critical thinking.

Tracy Revels

Meet Dr. Tracy J. Revels

Dr. Tracy J. Revels, professor of history, has taught at Wofford since 1991. Her classes include Civil War, Old South, and American women’s history. Her Interim, The Writers Workshop, encourages students to explore their creativity. In 2017, Revels received the Philip Covington Award for Excellence in the Teaching of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Revels has written five books on Florida history topics and three novels and several short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes.

Drew Copeland

Meet Drew Copeland ’19

Savannah Paige Murray, a 2015 graduate who majored in history and environmental studies, is an editorial assistant at the Appalachian Journal and is attending graduate school at Appalachian State University. The Journal of East Tennessee History accepted a condensed version of her Wofford honors thesis for publication. As a student Murray worked as an outreach intern at Wofford’s Goodall Environmental Studies Center.

The Lewis P. Jones Visiting Professor:

The program brings a prominent historian to the college to teach, give public lectures and mentor history majors.

History majors have had great success in the following careers:

Information systems
Museum and archival work
Public relations