As history majors at Wofford, students start by taking foundational courses that give a basis in Western history. Upper-level courses give students the freedom to take classes on topics that range from witchcraft and magic in early modern Europe to African-American history to the history of Iran. Majors are advised by a talented group of historians who emphasize independent, critical thinking.

Tracy Revels

Meet Dr. Kenneth J. Banks

Dr. Kenneth J. Banks, associate professor of history, has taught at Wofford since 2009. In 2019, the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities honored him as the college’s Excellence in Teaching recipient. He began studying history when he was 31 years old after working in the film and advertising industry. He authored an award-winning book, “Chasing Empire Across the Sea: Communications and the State in the French Atlantic.”

Drew Copeland

Meet Vera Oberg '20

Vera Oberg majored in history and international affairs. She is now attending American University, where she is completing her master’s degree in public administration and policy. She plans to work for a governmental or nonprofit agency after graduating. Oberg says that majoring in history helped her develop skills to research, analyze and interpret primary source documents, all of which are important tools for studying political administrations past and present.

The Lewis P. Jones Visiting Professor:

The program brings a prominent historian to the college to teach, give public lectures and mentor history majors. It also brings prominent speakers like John Meacham to campus.

History majors have had great success in the following careers:

Information systems
Museum and archival work
Public relations