As history majors at Wofford, students start by taking foundational courses that provide a basis in United States, European and global history. Upper-level courses give students the freedom to take classes on topics that range from Ancient Egypt to traditional Russia to American legal history. Majors are advised by a talented group of historians who emphasize independent, critical thinking.

Dr. Jessica Tomkins

Meet Dr. Jessica Tomkins

Dr. Jessica Tomkins, assistant professor of history, has taught at Wofford since 2021. Her teaching interests include the ancient world, particularly ancient North Africa. Her research centers on the creation of centralized systems of government in the ancient world.

Meet Caedyn Porzio ’23

Meet Caedyn Porzio ’23

Caedyn Porzio majored in history and is attending Washington and Lee University School of Law. He enjoys examining how today’s society came to be and says studying history has improved his ability to research a wide range of sources and construct well-supported arguments.

The Lewis P. Jones Visiting Professor:

The program brings a prominent historian to the college to teach, give public lectures and mentor history majors.

History majors have had great success in the following careers:

Information systems
Museum and archival work
Public relations