Work. Play. Change. Wofford Theatre will transform your heart, body and mind. Wofford Theatre will prepare you to live the life of a creative, engaged individual who makes contributions to the world. Expect to learn the habits of artistic and intellectual excellence: hard work, integrity, courage, collaboration, creativity, fun and play.

Colleen Ballance

Meet Colleen Ballance

Colleen Ballance, professor of theatre, heads the design program and teaches set design, costume design, period styles and scene painting. She has a background in painting and art history and seeks to develop students’ visual creativity.

Rachel Kearse

Meet Rachel Kearse ’22

Rachel Kearse majored in theatre and psychology. She found a love for costume design and explored that during a variety of internship experiences in theatre. She also designed for and acted in multiple Wofford Theatre productions. She works as a freelance costume designer and at Columbia Children’s Theatre.

Past Wofford Theatre Productions

Circle Mirror Transformation
Heroes of the Fourth Turning
Pride and Prejudice
The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls
The Rocky Horror Show
Twilight Bowl

Graduates in Theatre are Working In:

Business theatre
Dramaturgy and playwriting
Event planning
Film and TV
Production management
Theatre: acting, design, directing