As the most fundamental of sciences, physics deals with the interactions of matter and energy, both of which are crucial to understanding the world in which we live. The scope of physics stretches from below the nanoscale to the edges of the universe. Physics combines science and math with roots in philosophy, making it a STEM discipline that is perfectly suited for a liberal arts education. At the core, physicists are problem solvers who are trained to think critically. A bachelor’s degree in physics is a great foundation for any career – engineering, health care, energy, law, computer science, journalism, astronomy and more.

Professor Mackay Salley

Meet Dr. Mackay Salley

Dr. Mackay Salley, professor and chair of physics, also advises the pre-engineering program. A 1995 Wofford graduate, he teaches both first-year students and majors. Salley enjoys working with Wofford students on undergraduate research projects and traveling and studying with them during the college’s January Interim.

David Aguillard

Meet David Aguillard ’19

David Aguillard graduated with degrees in physics and mathematics. While at Wofford, he participated in a prestigious summer research program at the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland. He also worked with a theoretical mathematician at Wake Forest University and with faculty in Wofford’s physics and psychology departments. Aguillard received a full scholarship to begin a doctoral program in physics at the University of Michigan.

Physics students have completed post-graduate studies at:

Boston University
Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Clemson University
Colorado State University
Columbia University
East Virginia Medical School
Florida State
Fordham Law
Georgia Institute of Technology
Louisiana State University
Marquette University
Medical University of South Carolina
North Carolina State University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Alabama
University of Baltimore School of Law
University of Georgia
University of North Carolina
University of Oklahoma
University of South Carolina
University of Texas at Austin
Washington University