Student Resources

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is eager to work with students on their path to studying off-campus — from deciding where to study, to navigating finances, to pre-departure planning and reflection. Explore our online resources below and throughout our website, then feel free to make an advising appointment with a staff member in the OIP to get your journey started. 

International Student Services

Information for international students earning their bachelor's degree at Wofford.

Preparing for Departure

Information to help students prepare for an off-campus study experience.

Before You Leave Wofford

Information on requirements you must complete before you leave Wofford to study off-campus.

Ongoing Orientation

Students planning to study off-campus are required to attend informational orientation sessions. This page provides information on what students will learn throughout their ongoing orientation.

The Off-Campus Experience

A description of what to expect while studying off-campus.

Work, Volunteer, or Intern Away

Resources for students interested in expanding their off-campus study experience.

Welcome Home

Adjusting to life back on campus and/or in the U.S. requires intentional opportunities for processing and reacclimating.

Special Interests & Identity Related Presentations

Links to recordings of past events related to different identity groups and their experiences abroad.