Ancient World Studies

The ancient world studies program offers a multidisciplinary study of ancient cultures around the globe through religion, art, archaeology, history, philosophy, government and theater. This program features a pathway through a Wofford education that allows you to focus on ancient world topics with a global perspective. You are free to choose your path through the program by selecting elective courses best suited to your interests and goals.

The ancient world studies program will particularly suit students considering further study in ancient history, archaeology, art history or museum studies, but is also an excellent foundation for careers such as law, medicine and consulting by providing key transferrable critical thinking and analysis skills. Or, if you’re already dedicated to another major but still have an interest in the ancient world, this program is also for you.


Five courses from the list below. Courses must be taken in at least three different departments and at least two of the courses must be at the 300-level or higher.

Internships for credit may count as an elective but students must seek approval from ancient world studies program coordinators and the Career Center prior to embarking on an internship for credit as an elective for this program. Acceptable examples include museum internships and participation in an archaeological field school. The internship elective must total three hours.

If considering graduate study in a field related to the ancient world, students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take 300-level French and/or German as preparation for reading scholarship and exams in those languages, often required in the early years of many graduate programs.

ARTH 201 History of Western Art I
ARTH 220 Asian Art Survey
ARTH 301 Ancient and Classical Art
ARTH 321 Art of South Asia
ARTH 415 Empires & Antiquities
ANTH 201 Introduction to Archaeology and Physical Anthropology
ANTH 215 Archaeology of Ancient North America
ANTH 216 Archaeology of Ancient Latin America
ANTH 314 Archaeology of the Carolinas
ENGL 438 Greek and Roman Drama (cross listed with THEA 428)
GOVT 391 Classical Political Thought
HIST 100 Western Civilization: Antiquity to 1350 CE
HIST 190 Ancient Middle East
HIST 331 Ancient Warfare
HIST 337 Ancient Greece
HIST 338 Ancient Rome
HIST 401 Ancient Egyptian History: Prehistory to c.1550 BCE
HIST 402 Ancient Egyptian History: c.1550-30 BCE
PHIL 351 Ancient Western Philosophy
REL 201 The Hebrew Bible
REL 202 The New Testament
REL 222 Introduction to Confucianism
REL 307 The Bible and Human Migration
REL 308 Sex and Bodies in the Hebrew Bible
REL 332 Spirituality and Traditional Chinese Medicine
REL 357 Buddhist Religious Traditions
REL 358 Hindu Religious Traditions
REL 380 Biblical Queens
THEA 438 Greek and Roman Drama (cross listed with ENGL 428)