Northside LLC


About the Program

The Northside LLC is a year-long Living-Learning Community dedicated to sustainability and community engagement within Spartanburg's Northside. As a cohort of 12 students, participants live together in Milliken House at Northside Station while enrolled in a linked course each semester. The program seeks to expand the classroom by giving these 12 students the opportunity to live, learn, and work in the Northside. In partnership with Northside stakeholders and community partners, students will tackle "big questions" and get first-hand, real-world experience dealing with the topics they discuss in class. Through this direct engagement, students will learn from and give back to the Northside community.

Linked Courses

As part of the LLC, students will enroll in two linked courses, one in fall and one in spring. These courses, taught by a rotating lineup of professors from diverse disciplines, will each encompass aspects of sustainability and community-based learning, seeing students get involved in the Northside to bolster their classroom experience with real-world experience. 

  • Fall 2024:
    Instructed by: Dr. Amy Telligman
  • Spring 2025:
    Instructed by: Michael Webster

Milliken House

Members of the cohort live together in Milliken House at Northside Station which consists of 6 two-bedroom apartments, each with a full kitchen, bath, and balcony. The space also houses a dual use classroom/common area. Just a few minutes’ walk from campus, Milliken House offers students the perfect launchpad for work in the Northside while still being able to enjoy all the amenities of on-campus living. Upon acceptance into the program, your housing will be assigned to Milliken House for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Join the Northside LLC

Applications for the Northside LLC are currently open. Aplications will close on March 22, 2024.

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About the Northside

For more than a decade, Spartanburg’s Northside has been the focus of the most ambitious neighborhood revitalization in the city's history. Click here to acces three City of Spartanburg podcasts in a series titled Northside Rising with Spartanburg-based writer, Will Rothschild, detailing more about the Northside, its neighborhood origins, and the journey towards inclusive development through the Northside Initiative.

Some Northside Stakeholders

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matthew Newton at

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