Resources for Families

When a Wofford student decides to study abroad, the interest, help and support of family and friends is essential to their success.

All courses taken abroad on an approved program will count as electives. If students wish to have a particular course count towards a requirement, they should consult their advisor for major/minor requirements and the registrar for general education requirements.

The Wofford College Financial Aid Office makes every effort to work with students to apply all appropriate aid to the approved study abroad program. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office with regards to their individual financial aid package.

These two features of the Study Abroad program allow a student to continue their academic program without interruptions while keeping the expense associated with overseas study reasonable. The Office of International Programs will work with each student to find the most appropriate program. We ask students to plan their overseas studies and make sure that the selected programs meet their academic, linguistic and cultural interests. 

Study Abroad Guide for Families

A wealth of information about studying abroad.

Family Support and Involvement

How to best encourage your student.

Preparation on Campus

How Wofford prepares students and families for the experience.

The Experience Abroad

Understanding what studying abroad will mean for your student.

Emergencies Abroad

What to do and who to contact in an emergency.

Returning Home

Considering a period of adjustment.

Returning to Campus

Helping your student process and share their experiences.