Emergency Operations

The Office of Campus Safety oversees all emergency operations on campus. This includes emergency alerts, emergency drills and exercises, emergency phones, emergency procedures, training and other safety and emergency issues. Members of the campus community are urged to review the information provided in these sections to become familiar with the emergency operations and procedures at Wofford. For questions, contact the Office of Campus Safety at 864-597-4350.

Tornado Warning Procedures

You have been referred to this page because the National Weather Service in Greenville-Spartanburg has issued a tornado warning for our area (or a tornado drill is being conducted on campus).

Emergency Sheltering Locations
Dial Ext. 4911 or 864-597-4911 for assistance.

You will be notified via text message and/or email when the warning has expired. (All Wofford faculty, staff and students are registered in the Rave Mobile Safety emergency alert notification system through their Wofford email addresses. If you have not already done so, log into Rave through myWofford and add your mobile telephone number so that you will receive text messages as well. Go to myWofford and click on the Rave logo. If you have problems or questions regarding Rave, contact Dudley Brown at brownrd@wofford.edu.

Precautionary/Preparedness actions:

Take shelter inside a building, away from windows and doors. Make sure there are as many walls and floors between you and the outside as possible. Note that vehicles and mobile homes should be abandoned for sturdier shelter.

If you are on Wofford's campus, and can safely do so, proceed to the designated emergency location in the building you're in or the closets building, if you are outside.

Building Evacuations for Fire or Other Emergency

Emergencies such as fire, explosion, chemical spill and/or releases require occupants to evacuate the building. Evacuation is one means of protecting the campus community from the effects of a hazard through the orderly movement of people away from the hazard. The type and magnitude of the emergency will dictate the scale of an evacuation (i.e., evacuation area). At the link below are the evacuation assembly areas for each building or venue on campus.

Emergency Evacuation/Assembly Locations