Art and Art History Scholarship

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Art and Art History Scholarship

How to Submit your Artwork:

We welcome applications for the Studio Art scholarships of $1,000-$5,000 a year. After submitting your application to, you will receive a confirmation email within a few weeks, and an invitation to schedule an in-person or Teams interview with at least one Studio Art faculty member. Only students that commit to earning a minor or major in Studio Art may apply for scholarships.

All scholarship applicants must submit 8-15 works digitally in the form of a single PDF or a portfolio website to, prior to February 1. This may include photo documentation of 2D or 3D works, sketchbooks, or works produced digitally. Links to time-based media (video, film, animation, performance, web design, etc.) can be included. Include a list of all images in the portfolio with the following caption information: Title, Size, Year Created, and Material. Label this information with your name, email address, phone number, and high school. Lastly, provide a list of all art courses taken and a short statement (less than 500 words) that answers the following questions.

QUESTIONS: Describe your creative process: What is important to you, how do you develop creativity, and what role does art have in your life? Why have you decided to pursue Studio Art as a major or minor at Wofford College?

Suggested works to consider including in your portfolio:

It is not necessary to include all the items listed below in your portfolio; however, students are encouraged to include works that best represent their abilities and talents. We look for evidence of skill in drawing from observation, a sense of color and design, strong evidence of creative thinking and a willingness to challenge one's self.

Drawings from observation

  • Still-life
  • Landscape
  • Figure drawing

Creative Process

  • 1-2 sketchbooks or preparatory work
  • Documentation of process
  • Experimental artwork


  • Paintings
  • Printmaking
  • Multi-media and Collage


  • Sculptures or Installations
  • Ceramics
  • Wearable
  • 3D CAD/CAM artwork


  • Photography
  • Digital Collage
  • Video/Film
  • Animation
  • New Media


  • Illustrations
  • Commercial design
  • Page layouts
  • Architectural renderings
  • Product/Fashion renderings