Students majoring in humanities design their own programs of study within the humanities disciplines and produce an interdisciplinary independent project in their senior year. Humanities majors explore the questions raised in a liberal arts setting, connecting across disciplines to develop insights and skills that are broadly applicable to the modern world.

Anne Rodrick

Meet Dr. Anne Rodrick

Dr. Anne Rodrick, Reeves Family Professor of History, loves to teach and was honored by the college with the Philip Covington Award for Excellence in Teaching. She coordinates the humanities program and is the co-coordinator of the 19th Century Studies Program. She also teaches in the Gender Studies Program. Her current research interests focus on urban identity and civic engagement in the Victorian city.

Meet Nick Ackard ’23

Meet Nick Ackard ’23

Nick Ackard is on the marketing and sales team for Omatic, a Charleston, S.C.-based tech company that works with nonprofits to help make fundraising more efficient and impactful. He was a finance and humanities double major.

Humanities majors are students with specific interests in the following disciplines:

Art history
Modern languages

Other disciplines may be included in the humanities major as well.