Roberta Bigger

Roberta Hurley Bigger

Vice President and Dean of Students EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4044 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
Taifha Alexander

Taifha Alexander

Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Leadership Development EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4066 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
John Blair

John Blair

Director of Conference Services EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4404 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
Beth Clardy

Beth Y. Clardy

Assistant to the Vice President of The Division of Campus Life and Student Development EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4040 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
Amanda Estabrook

Amanda Estabrook

Title IX and ADA Coordinator EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4047 OFFICE: Office #6 – Campus Life Building
Seth Flanagan

Seth C. Flanagan

Residence Life Coordinator EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4063 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
Nadia Glover

Nadia Glover

Coordinator for Inclusive Engagement EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4065 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
James Hall

James Hall

Campus Safety Director / Rifle Team Coach EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4351 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
Matt Hammett

Matthew Hammett

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Involvement EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4048 OFFICE: Campus Life Building Office 15
Megan Illsley

Megan Illsley

Residence Life Coordinator EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4061 OFFICE: Campus Life Building
Brian Lemere

Brian J. Lemere

Assistant Dean of Students for Residence Life EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4068 OFFICE: The Campus Life Building
Allen Lollis

J. Allen Lollis

Associate Director of Residence Life and Community Standards EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4064 OFFICE: Campus Life Building, Office 11
Talicia Murphy

Talicia I.Murphy

Interim Director of Student Activities and Campus Life EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4043 OFFICE: Campus Life Buiilding
Elizabeth Wallace

Elizabeth D. Wallace

Associate Vice President for The Division of Campus Life and Student Development
Director of the Wellness Center
EMAIL: PHONE: 864-597-4371 OFFICE: Hugh R. Black Wellness Center Elizabeth Wallace's website