Sociology and Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology enables students to immerse themselves in the study of society and culture. They learn about human thoughts and behaviors through time, from the prehistoric past through the current day. Students use social theory to investigate race, gender, class, history, religion, philosophy, politics, ethics, economies, landscapes and more. Students also practice collecting ethnographic and survey data and engage with social justice and biocultural diversity.

Dr. Alysa Handelsman

Meet Dr. Alysa Handelsman

Dr. Alysa Handelsman, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, conducts research in Guayaquil, Ecuador, focused especially on children and youth growing up in the city’s shantytown neighborhoods. Her publications, research and teaching methods demonstrate her decolonial approach to doing ethnography. In particular, her community sustainability seminar positions Wofford students to take on collaborative, community-based learning projects across Spartanburg; students’ work through these projects represents the fusion of activism and anthropology.

Jalen Carter ’21

Meet Jalen Carter ’21

Jalen Carter majored in psychology and sociology and anthropology. He received the James E. Seegars Jr. Award for psychology. He was a past president of Wofford Men of Color, a member of the Black Student Alliance, Orientation staff, a National Coalition Building Institute facilitator and a student advocate within the judicial system. He is attending law school at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Graduates in sociology and anthropology are working in:

Adult literacy
Criminal justice/law
Global health
Human resources
International business
Nonprofit management
Public health
Social work
Speech pathology
Sports management

Sociology and anthropology students have completed postgraduate studies at:

Arizona State University
College of Charleston
Emory Rollins School of Public Health
Georgia State University
Mercer University
Mountain State University
New School for Social Research
Rutgers University
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Georgia
University of Louisiana
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
Vermont School of Law