Sociology and Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology enables students to immerse themselves in the study of society and culture. They learn about human thoughts and behaviors through time, from the prehistoric past through the current day. Students use social theory to investigate race, gender, class, history, religion, philosophy, politics, ethics, economies, landscapes and more. Students also practice collecting ethnographic and survey data and engage with social justice and biocultural diversity.

Rhiannon Leebrick

Meet Dr. Rhiannon Leebrick

Dr. Rhiannon Leebrick, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, conducts research on the intersections of inequality and environmental issues, focusing on ecological gentrification and the political economy of place. Her recent work looks at recreation tourism in South Central Appalachia. She’s published in Current Perspectives in Social Theory, Southeastern Geographer, the Southern Sociologist, and the American Journal of Sociology.

Abigail Lee

Meet Abigail Lee ’18

Abigail Lee majored in humanities as well as sociology and anthropology. After graduation she received a prestigious fellowship to begin a master’s program in anthropology with a concentration in international development from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Graduates in sociology and anthropology are working in:


Adult literacy


Criminal justice/law 


Global health

Human resources 

International business 

Marketing /sales



Nonprofit management 


Public health

Speech pathology


Social work

Sports management

Sociology and anthropology students have completed post- graduate studies at:

Arizona State University 

College of Charleston 

Emory Rollins School of Public Health 

Georgia State University 

Mercer University 

Mountain State University 

New School for Social Research 

Rutgers University 

University of Colorado, Boulder

University of Georgia

University of Lousiana

University of South Carolina

University of Southern California

Vermont School of Law