Asian Studies

The program in Asian Studies provides students the opportunity to explore cultures and traditions in Asia, especially the regions of East, South, Southeast and Himalayan Asia. The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum builds upon strengths in various fields of study to offer diverse avenues of inquiry and investigative methods relevant to Asia. Students in the program are encouraged to pursue interests across several disciplines, such as sociology and anthropology, religion, philosophy, modern languages, government and international affairs, history and art history.  

Students pursuing the program in Asian Studies cannot also minor in Chinese Studies. Otherwise, courses applied toward requirements for Asian Studies also may be counted for other programs, majors or minors. Successful completion of the program will be noted on the student’s transcript. 
Asian language study is not required in the Asian Studies program. However, students may apply two courses, a maximum of 10 credit hours, for coursework in an Asian language to fulfill program requirements.   
Students have the option of completing two tracks, either the cultures (non-language) track or the language and cultures track. (See catalog.) Subject to the approval of the Asian studies coordinator, coursework relevant to Asian Studies taken at an approved study abroad program in South, Southeast, East or Himalayan Asia may be substituted for coursework taken at Wofford College. Additionally, as part of the language and cultures track and with the approval of the coordinator, students may substitute coursework in an Asian language other than Chinese taken with an approved Study Abroad program.