Wofford Travel Grants

The college offers Wofford Travel Grants to assist with the cost of Interim travel/study programs. Grants typically range from $500 to $1,500. Financial need and academic merit are the principal considerations in awarding these grants. To be considered for a merit-only award, students must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Eligible students who apply to their program of choice by the stated deadline will automatically be considered for grants supported by the following:

  • The Ruth O. and Joab M. Lesesne Foreign Study Assistance Fund 
  • The Class of 1994 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The McLean-deLucy Endowed Fund
  • The Morris Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Maria & Steven Mungo World Experience Fund (SC residents)
  • The Javan I. and Lois N. Shedd Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Partnership Access Grants 
    • For Interim, Partnership Access Grants fund students applying to programs sponsored by CIEE Study Abroad and IES Abroad. Students from underrepresented backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

The following grant opportunities have additional application requirements for Interim travel/study. The deadline for applying to these grants is September 17, 2023. See each link below for details:

Interim 2024 Award Notifications for Wofford Travel Grants
As mentioned above, eligible students who apply to their program of choice by the program application deadlines- Round 1: May 4, 2023 and Round 2: September 17, 2023. Eligible applicants will be considered for grants after the deadline for each round. Those selected to receive travel grants will be notified via email within one week after each respective application deadline.* Individuals completing their applications after the deadline will not be considered for Wofford Travel Grants. If you have questions or concerns related to Wofford Travel Grants or the grant notification process, please email the Office of International Programs.

Other Travel Grants

    Interested in studying abroad for a semester, summer, or academic year? Wofford and its partners also offer scholarships and grants toward semester, summer, and year-long study abroad programs. Learn more here!