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Please contact Jack Wisham at with any questions or concerns in scheduling your visit.

Lunch with a Current Student

We want you to experience our many dining options on campus. Typically, your lunch host is a different student than your overnight host. Our hope is that you will gain a different perspective on campus and get a chance to ask any additional questions. You will be given a lunch pass to eat on campus.

Class Visits

Sitting in on a class at Wofford can give you insight into the classroom culture here on campus. We do our best to offer a variety of subjects and courses for student interests. We encourage you to focus less on the name of the class or subject area and more on the overall experience and interactions within our classrooms.

Overnight Visits

We offer limited overnight opportunities during the All Access Visits. We facilitate these visits on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, with appointments planned for Monday and Wednesdays. Students will be matched with an overnight host and we will provide meals for students for the duration of their stay.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid appointments will provide general information and are intended for the family to understand the various resources available to students to help pay for college.

How to prepare:

  • You may complete the Net Price Calculator to get an idea of costs and financial aid opportunities.
  • Begin researching outside scholarships.
  • Ask questions and understand your payment options for covering any balance owed (i.e., payment plans, parent loans, other student loans).

International Programs

Are you interested in studying abroad while you are at Wofford? Then set up a meeting with the Office of International Programs to learn more about our programs.

How to prepare:

The Career Center

Are you interested in learning more about the Career Center here at Wofford? Then set up a meeting with the Career Center to learn more about their programs. Check all of the opportunities offered to students through the Career Center.

Meeting with a Professor

If you would like a few minutes to sit down with one of our professors in your academic area of interest, please include this in the “special requests” box at the end of your registration form.