Psychology is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing fields on college campuses across the country. At Wofford, majors in psychology participate in research opportunities both on and off campus and are offered the chance to complete an interdisciplinary program in neuroscience. The Wofford Department of Psychology is a close-knit group, sponsoring the Psychology Kingdom, faculty-student tailgates, an annual chili cook-off and other events.

Professor Kara Bopp

Meet Dr. Kara Bopp

Bopp, associate professor of psychology, received her Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Syracuse University. She loves teaching undergraduates and giving them graduate-level research experience in the areas of memory and aging. She and her colleagues also lead students in community service opportunities such as the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Bopp advises first-year students and teaches both introductory psychology classes and advanced classes for majors.

Belle Scott

Meet Belle Scott ’19

Belle Scott, who graduated with a B.S. in psychology and a concentration in neuroscience, is pursuing a master’s degree in the field. She says that relationships with faculty mentors helped her succeed in the classroom and prepared her well for graduate study.

Recent psychology graduates are working in the following fields:

Business management
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
Mental health/counseling
Occupational therapy
Social work
Speech pathology

Psychology students have completed post-graduate studies at:

Arizona State University

Baylor University

Columbia University

Duke University

Florida State University

Medical University of South Carolina

Pepperdine University

Tufts University

University of Kentucky

University of South Carolina

Wake Forest University