Dental schools are selective, but a degree from Wofford generally puts students in the forefront of consideration. The performances of Wofford graduates in dental schools, as in general medical schools, has given the college a broad and powerful reputation for quality, providing a lift for future Terriers who are eyeing a career in dentistry.

As with medical schools, dental schools typically don’t require degrees in specific majors, but students should talk often with Wofford professors for advice on which courses to take and where their emphasis should be. Certain courses generally are more important, and a curriculum specifically designed for post-graduate medical study is preferred. Biology and chemistry courses are important, of course, but professors, several of whom have extensive experience in this arena, can provide guidance on other avenues.

Internships and shadowing opportunities generally are available in the Spartanburg area for students interested in a career in dentistry. The Interim in dentistry allows students to spend one week at the Medical University of South Carolina, attending classes and meeting with admission officers to learn about interviewing and procedures for admission to dental school.