Starting in early February, basketball is another highly competitive sport with great participation from students. Basketball offers a competitive men's league, a "Good-Times" men's league, and a women's league.


Ben Stiller would be proud! Another great addition to intramurals this year is dodgeball and it's played during Interim. The game is played with 7 players on each team, and is played with official dodgeballs.


Soccer will be played in the fall, with both men's and women's leagues being offered. Playing on a slightly smaller field, there is no off-sides and only 7 players per team on the field. This creates a fast-paced style of play and an exciting brand of soccer.


Softball is the final intramural sport of the school year. It is played at the Intramural field and both men's and women's leagues are offered.

Terrier Tag

This will be the first major intramural sport offered, beginning the last week in September and will run the entire month of October. Wofford's unique version of flag football is said to be a cross between football and rugby.

Additional Information


Current students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in Wofford Intramurals. Varsity athletes are NOT permitted to participate in the Intramural league of their particular intercollegiate sport, during the academic year that they were a member of that intercollegiate team, including seniors. They ARE permitted to participate in all other Intramural Leagues, and Club Sport teams.

Health & Risk Responsibility

Students, faculty, and staff are reminded that participation in Intramurals, Recreation & Club Sports activities is voluntary. Neither Wofford College nor the Intramural, Recreation & Club Sports Program will accept responsibility for injuries sustained while participating in these programs. It is strongly recommended that participants carry medical insurance coverage. You must fill out the Risk Waiver Form if you want to participate.