Meet the Associate Provosts

The associate provosts oversee a variety of areas, including faculty development, curriculum and co-curriculum, and facilities and budgets for academic departments. The associate provosts, who also are teaching faculty members, report to the provost.

Dr. Anne Catlla

Dr. Anne Catlla
Associate Provost for Curriculum and Co-Curriculum
Associate Professor of Mathematics

The associate provost for curriculum and co-curriculum focuses on ways that student learning both inside and outside of the classroom can be integrated. Among her areas of focus are general education review and reform; the Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL); curricular coherence, innovation, development and facilitation; student advising; and inclusive pedagogies and equity of access. She also works with the provost, grants specialist and Business Office to administer Wofford’s three-year grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Dr. Jameica B. Hill

Dr. Jameica B. Hill
Associate Provost for Administration
Professor of Chemistry and Faculty Athletics Representative

The associate provost for administration supervises facilities and budgets of academic departments. They also work with other members of the provost’s staff to manage the course schedule, and is responsible for the employment of part-time faculty. They administer Wofford’s summer school and other summer academic programs as well as the Milliken Sustainability Initiative.

Dr. Dan Mathewson

Dr. Dan Mathewson
Professor of Religious Studies
Associate Provost for Faculty Development

The associate provost for faculty development supports the faculty individually and collectively through faculty orientation, professional development, and shared governance. He manages professional development funding and works with the Faculty Development Committee and the grants specialist to administer internal and external funding opportunities. He works with the faculty and members of the academic affairs team to enhance shared governance, and helps administer Wofford’s three-year grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.