Soccer will be played in the fall, with both men's and women's leagues being offered. Playing on a slightly smaller field, there is no off-sides and only 7 players per team on the field. This creates a fast-paced style of play and an exciting brand of soccer.

Soccer Rules

  • Consider safety as your top priority
  • Be decisive and conduct yourself with authority
  • Blow your whistle like you mean it
  • Minimize and penalize an overly aggressive play
  • Don’t tolerate disrespect- don’t be afraid to call a foul
  • A second flagrant-type foul in a game will result in ejection from that game…and the next game
  • Call every obvious infraction
  • The clock will continuously run [2] 20 minute halves
  • If only 1 ref shows up to ref, give the teams the choice to play anyway, or to re-schedule the game
  • Protect the player with the ball-no slide tackling
  • Balance the field – a ref along each sideline keeping up with play
  • Get up and down the field with the flow of play- don’t become a statue in 1 place- or you will always be out of position
  • You can only demand respect by giving respect and a hustling effort
  • The student director is in charge of each evening – if you need help with a situation, stop the game and call for the supervisor
  • Ref with a positive attitude
  • Only 7 players on the field at a time, including the goalkeeper
  • No offsides
  • Goalie can’t punt the ball over midfield, but can throw it over. If this penalty occurs the goalie must re-kick
  • No slide-tackling allowed
  • If a tie occurs, move to 5-player penalty kicks. If still tied, move to 3-player until a winner is decided
  • You may eject players from the game if their play, or conduct, warrants it. You may consult with the supervisor