Ben Stiller would be proud! Another great addition to intramurals this year is dodgeball and it's played during Interim. The game is played with 7 players on each team, and is played with official dodgeballs. A 30 minute time limit demands that the team with the most wins is declared the winner. Dodgeball has turned out to be one of Wofford's most popular and fun Intramural sports.

Dodgeball Rules

  • Anyone hit in the head (face or back of head) remains in the game
  • If you cross the mid-court line you are out
  • If you are caught behind the back-line while not retrieving a ball then you are out
  • Once you are out you cannot re-enter until the next game
  • You may block a ball throw at you with another ball but if the ball thrown still hits you after the block then you are out
  • If you catch a thrown ball before it hits the ground then the player who threw it is out
  • A ball that bounces is considered dead
  • Once a ball hits any object other than another player or ball it is considered dead
  • Games are played with a 30-minute time limit with the team winning the most games being the winner