Terrier Tag

This will be the first major intramural sport offered, beginning the last week in September and will run the entire month of October. Wofford's unique version of flag football is said to be a cross between football and rugby. Students from all organizations participate in this highly competitive sport.


  • Only 7 Players are allowed on the field at one time for any given team.
  • Multiple forward (lateral) passes on any given play.
  • No-flag guarding!
    • Ex: Slapping the defensive players had when he tries to grab your flag.
    • Penalty: Ball Down at Spot of Foul
  • Only four people are allowed on the line of scrimmage, the other three are off.
  • First Down: From where the ball is spotted, ball goes back to previous line marker (this rule includes kick-offs).
  • Every line is a first down. (20 Yards)
  • Cannot fumble: If fumble occurs, the ball is ruled dead at the spot of the fumble. This includes bad snaps.
  • Incomplete ;Pass: The spotting of the ball is marked from where it was thrown.
  • One point conversion: 5 yards outside the end zone.
  • Two point conversion: 10 yards outside the end zone.
  • No field goals, only one or two point conversions allowed.
  • If for any reason, the ball carrier slips and falls, the ball is dead!! The defense does not have to grab the flag or touch the player, the offensive player is automatically down.
  • Offensive Pass Interference: If offensive pass interference occurs, the offensive team will move back to the previous first down line. If the offensive team is at the farthest first down line from their endzone, the ball will be spotted on the defending team's 10 yard line.
  • Unintentional Flag Detachment: If the flag of the player carrying the ball comes off for any reason while in possession of the ball, the player is ruled down at the spot the flag came off.


  • The kicking team must kick the ball from the first line outside of their own end zone.
  • The receiving team’s formation:
    • Four men on first line from their own end zone (also meaning, one line away from kicking team).
    • Three men on end zone line (two lines away from kicking team).
  • Bobbled kick-off: Down by contact with the ground, ball goes back to previous line. If the ball bounces, then is touched, then touches the ground again, the ball is down by contact. However, if the ball is bobbled and dropped, the team cannot be placed behind their own first line. If they bobble the kick-off behind the first line, they still automatically go to the first line.
  • Kicking the ball out of bounds: Ball placed at the closest line where the ball went out of bounds (closest to the kicking team)
  • If ball is kicked in bounds, but goes out of the back or the end zone, ball automatically goes to the first line.
  • On-side Kick: Must go to the first line of the opposing teams side. (Must cross the line that the four men on the receiving team start out on). To recover, you have to have full possession past the line marker (However, if the receiving team touches the ball at all, then it is their ball. They do not have to have possession).
  • Punting: All punts must be specified to the official and the other team before hand!
  • Kicking team cannot start to run on kick-off until the ball has been kicked!
    • Penalty: Re-Kick
  • All forward progress rules for offense apply to kick-off.


  • One blitz per first down.
  • The defense can rush after a count of 5 thousand (i.e. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4…)! The referee will count out the "5 Mississippies".
  • Cannot hold a player for any reason!
    • Penalty: Automatic first down.
  • Interception: Offense forward progress rules apply. When an interception is made, play continues as if it is a kickoff return. If a first down line is not crossed, the ball will be placed at the previous first down line (for the intercepting team). If an interception occurs on a conversion, and the defending team runs the ball back to their end-zone, they will be awarded either 1 or 2 points depending on what the offense was trying to convert.
  • Pass Interference: If pass interference occurs the ball will be spotted at the first down line closest to the spot of the foul. If pass interference occurs in the end-zone the ball will be spotted on the 1 yard line.
  • Blocking: Not allowed and penalty will be automatic first down. Team can decline penalty if they wish.
  • Turn Over on Downs (spotting of the ball): the defending team will receive the ball on the previously held first down marker of the opposing team.


  • Field Dimensions : 80 yards length by 40 yards width
  • Personal Foul (Roughing a Player / Tackling)
    • Penalty: Automatic first down!
  • ONLY 1 Time-Out for any team throughout the entire game!
  • If the flag is grabbed before reaching a first down or the end zone, then ball is dead at the spot of the grabbed flag. The ball does not go back to original line of scrimmage. This applies to gained and lost yardage.
  • If a first down is gained, and while attempting to make it to the next first down marker, your flag is grabbed, then you return to previously crossed first down marker.
  • There is not a minimum number of players required to play. It is the decision of the team without a full team as to whether they want to play or not.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation, a sudden-death overtime will be played as follows:
    • One team will start with the ball on their own 20-yd line. If they score the other team has the opportunity to also score from their 20-yd line. This will continue until one team wins
  • Games are [2] 20 minute halves, with a continuous running clock.
    • The clock will only stop on a whistle during the last 20 seconds of the 2nd half. There will be no stoppage during the 1st half.
    • Halftimes will be 3- 5 minutes.