Wofford College maintains four payroll schedules.

  1. MONTHLY - Salaried employees are paid on the monthly payroll schedule and the pay date is the 25th of every month; however, if that day falls on a weekend or holiday, pay will be provided the day before.
  2. BIWEEKLY - Hourly employees are paid on the biweekly payroll schedule and the pay date is every other Friday.
  3. STUDENT - Student workers are paid monthly on the student payroll schedule and the pay date is the 10th of every month.
  4. SUMMER – The summer payroll schedule is provided annually, contingent upon the current summer sessions/classes.

Wofford’s payroll schedules can be located on the portal. Deductions from wages include federal, state, social security, and any/all court ordered withholdings as well as premiums for all applicable and enrolled benefits, benefit plans, and fringes. All pay is provided via direct deposit.

All employees (faculty, staff and students) are encouraged to review their earnings statements as they are provided (electronically). Changes to tax withholdings can be done by completing and submitting a new W4 Form, and can be done at any time. Following are common forms and resources.


Please return all completed forms to the Office of Human Resources. If you have questions regarding the forms or your earnings statement, please contact