+ Benefit Guide

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Summary Plan Description
Who can assist with navigating health insurance? Contact Benefit Resource Center (Advocacy)
What does the Benefit Resource Center do? Find out what services are offered.
Information on the Benefit Resource Center app.

Employee Assistance Program

What is Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? Review EAP Services.
What does EAP do? See what EAP offers.
How do I access EAP? Learn how to use and login EAP.

Life Insurances and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurances (AD&D)

AD&D Policy (Stand Alone)

Disability Insurances

Short-Term Disability
+ STD-How to file a Claim Online
+ STD-Process & Claims

Dental Insurances

Dental Low/Basic Plan
Dental High/Enhanced Plan

Vision Insurance

EyeMed INFO Sheet
EyeMed Basic Vision Plan
EyeMed Buy-Up Plan

Homeowner’s Assistance

Northside First-Time Homeowner’s Assistance

Retirement Plan

Salary Deferral Agreement 403(b) Form
Wofford 403(b) Plan SPD