Post-graduate scholarships

National and international fellowships, grants and scholarships provide financial awards to exceptional undergraduate students and recent graduates who are interested in teaching abroad, pursuing graduate studies or conducting research in diverse fields. Wofford encourages students across all disciplines to consider and apply for these opportunities. The Post-Graduate Scholarship Committee supports this effort by providing information about scholarship opportunities, guiding students through the application process and serving as a screening committee for campus endorsements.

Below is contact information, a list of links to the most prominent national and international fellowships and grants and resources to help students complete their application successfully. It is best to begin discussions about applying for such scholarships during the sophomore year. Typically, students begin working on their applications during the spring of their junior year. Wofford graduates have received many prestigious awards, including Rhodes Scholarships, Truman Scholarships, Mitchell Scholarships, Fulbright Assistantships and Peace Corps assignments.

Students interested in post-graduate grant opportunities should:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at a least a 3.5.
  • Begin applying during the spring of their junior year (most applications are due early in the fall of the senior year).
  • Have superior writing skills.
  • Demonstrate willingness to write multiple drafts of personal statements and statements of purpose.


Many post-graduate grant opportunities will require that students:

  • Demonstrate superior character and leaderships skills.
  • Have experience with community outreach, civic engagement, mentoring and service learning.
  • Have some experience in studying, volunteering or working abroad.

Recent recipients include:

Postgraduate Scholarship Committee:

Dr. John Ware (Chair)

Dr. Cynthia Fowler  

Dr. Kirsten A. Krick-Aigner

Dr. Kara Bopp

Dr. Stacey Hettes

List of Postgraduate scholarships

Post-graduate scholarship resources