Pre-engineering Program

A liberal arts education coupled with an engineering degree creates a unique engineer capable of solving complex technical problems and communicating those solutions to a broad audience that includes customers, other engineers, sales teams and executive officers. Our pre-engineering students take the skills they’ve developed at Wofford and continue their studies elsewhere to round out their engineering degree.

The program has two potential pathways. The first is designed for students to graduate from Wofford and apply for graduate studies in engineering. The second is designed for students to complete the dual degree program requirements while at Wofford and then transfer to one of our partner institutions (Columbia University or Clemson University) at the end of their junior year.

Pathway 1: Typically, pre-engineering students at Wofford major in physics, chemistry or computer science and apply for a graduate program in their chosen engineering discipline. Students who choose this pathway complete four years at Wofford, receive a B.S. in their major field of study and then continue their studies at an engineering school.

Pathway 2: The dual degree program means finishing Wofford’s major coursework, general education requirements, any additional courses specified by the intended engineering path and achieving grades in the core classes to obtain a recommendation from the Dual Degree Advisory Committee. Students apply for acceptance into the partner institution during their junior year. Finishing this path grants you a B.S degree from Wofford in your major field of study and a B.S. degree in engineering from the partner institution.

Examples: Two students who recently finished the first pathway were Brian Claytor ’18, who is attending the University of Colorado in an aerospace engineering graduate program, and Hayden Breckenridge ’16, who received his Ph.D. in material science engineering from North Carolina State. Charles Johnson ’19 completed the second pathway and received a B.S. in physics from Wofford and a B.S. in engineering from Columbia University.

For pathway 2, supplemental information can be found in the links to our partner institutions: