Frequently Asked Questions


Physicists bring a broad perspective to any problem and therefore they are not bound by context. The critical thinking and problem solving skills that are at the core of the physics curriculum provide a solid foundation for contributions in any career choice. A bachelor’s degree in physics from a liberal arts college prepares graduates to be leaders in any field, including engineering, health care, energy, law, computer science, journalism and astronomy.

Physics majors build their intuition about physics and the natural world while also building their math and modeling skills. This happens in the classrooms, the entry level labs, the advanced laboratories and in the student-oriented research projects.

The physics department is a close department with small classrooms and labs. Majors can interact with each other and faculty in the classrooms, at SPS events, in the physics suite and in the hallways. Classes and labs are taught by faculty who care deeply about helping each major reach their personal goals – academic, career and other.

Wofford physics majors go on to a large variety of careers. Wofford physics majors often go on to physics or engineering graduate school, medical school or law school, or to successful careers in the private sector. Where will you go?