Physics Student Research

Academic semester and summer research opportunities provide physics and engineering students experience in a laboratory setting with experts in their disciplines.

Wofford students compete successfully for summer research positions at universities and government labs all over the United States. Grant funding can be sought from the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, South Carolina Space Grant Consortium, National Science Foundation and others. Talk with your physics professors about interest in these programs.

Most of the research experiences pay for travel to and from the university or lab where students would be studying, provide a 10-week stipend and allow interaction with other REU students and research faculty in social and academic settings.

During the academic semesters, Wofford students can join a research group with a Wofford professor and other physics majors. The research experience can be part of the PHY 251 and PHY 451 research classes or independent. Speak with the physics major advisor and/or any professors offering a research experience to find out how you can get involved.