Hipp Lecture Series on International Affairs and National Security

Founded in 2011, the Hipp Lecture Series on International Affairs and National Security is designed to create signature events at Wofford College. The goal of these events is to capture the attention of students and the public and draw them into important conversations on applying American leadership and ideals to the challenges of international affairs past, present and future. The lecture series is made possible through the generous donations of Wofford alumnus Van D. Hipp Jr. '82, who is personally involved in the selection of each speaker, along with Dr. William DeMars and his committee of faculty colleagues.

All Hipp Lectures on International Affairs and National Security are designed to be ongoing learning experiences that stay with Wofford students and faculty long after the events are over. Once a speaker has been chosen, faculty in the Department of Government at Wofford research events related to the lecture the speaker will give, and readings, videos and small group discussions with the speaker are incorporated into the classroom in several departments.

On-Campus/Virtual Lectures and Events

Jessica Lewis
Battle of Cowpens
Mike Pence
Mike Rogers
Gov. David M. Beasley
Jim Lighthizer, Catherine Noyes and Doug BostickThe Battle of Cowpens, painted by William Ranney in 1845.
Dr. Dave Gangemi
Major Garrett
Alberto Gonzales
Ben Patton
Dr. Ben Carson
President Donald Trump
George Pataki
Buzz Aldrin
Michael Reagan
Edward C. Nixon
Republican Presidential Candidate Debate