Terrier Club Mission

The Terrier Club is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which has served as the fundraising arm for the Wofford College Athletics Department for more than 75 years. Organized in 1946 by a group of friends and alumni, the original name was the Eleven Club. It evolved into the present-day Terrier Club.

Annual giving to the Terrier Club bridges the scholarship funding gap that allows Wofford athletics to fund a successful and broad-based program. Athletics endowed scholarships provide a valuable foundation for future scholarship support at Wofford, but annual contributions address the growing divide between the endowment income and actual scholarship expenses.

The cost of educating Wofford’s student-athletes has grown exponentially. The need for additional funding through gifts to the Terrier Club is essential for Wofford athletics to maintain its 20-sport program. Support is critical to the future of Wofford athletics and Terrier student-athletes.

Wofford has always been a leader in athletics fundraising among its Southern Conference peers. The leadership role within the Southern Conference is defined through the generosity of Wofford supporters and by excellence shown on the field and in the classroom. The primary goals of the Terrier Club are to continue to promote growth in membership as well as increased dollars in the coming year.

For more information about joining the Terrier Club, contact our staff.