Services + Scheduling

*In the interest of the health and safety of the Wofford community, appointments/sessions may be conducted virtually, at the discretion of Counseling Services. You may speak with your counseling provider directly to determine if meeting virtually is the best option for you*


To schedule an appointment, please go to the Patient Portal and select "Appointment" from the top menu. It may take some time to find an appointment that suits your schedule. If you need to be seen sooner than the appointments that are available online, you may email to discuss your options. Typically, we can schedule an appointment with a counselor in a timely manner. In an emergency or crisis, we will facilitate you meeting with a counselor immediately.

Types of Appointments Available

First Time Counseling Session:  Students wishing to begin ongoing counseling for the first time are asked to schedule a "First Time Counseling Session" in the Patient Portal. Prior to your first counseling visit, you are required to electronically complete some intake forms.  These forms include a confidential client intake form, which gives us a better idea about your background, the reason for seeking counseling and any concerns that you may have, an informed consent, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the counselor and the student, and a symptom checklist. Students attending in-person first-time sessions may sit in the waiting room, located on the second floor of the Wellness Center, for their provider to get them.  During your first session, you and your counselor will go over the intake paperwork as well as determine how therapy can best meet your individual needs. 

Follow Up Counseling Session:  Students who have already had a first time counseling appointment may now schedule a "Follow Up Counseling Session" in the Patient Portal. Students with appointments will be sent a reminder email one day before their appointment. All students attending an appointment should check in and complete the requested forms. You may check-in on your phone/laptop or use the check-in kiosk in the waiting area. *If you have not been seen by one of our counselors in over a year then you must schedule another "First Time Counseling Session" to provide updated information.*

Solution Session:  Solution Sessions are intended to be a one-time session for students needing immediate and/or short-term support. This appointment is not for those students seeking ongoing counseling. This session will focus on solutions to a current situation or problem with confidential support from our counseling staff. *Even if you have not previously received counseling services at Wofford, you do not have to sign up for a First Time Counseling appointment before requesting a Solution Session.  However, students accessing more than two Solution Sessions in a semester will be referred for ongoing therapy.*

Appointment Policy

Individual appointments are approximately 50 minutes in length. Due to the high demand for our services, there are session limits for individual therapy. Students enrolled full-time during the semester may receive up to 15 sessions per academic year. We make every effort to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, but please be aware that there may be a wait for your first-time counseling appointment. After your first appointment, your counselor will discuss how frequently to schedule. The actual number of counseling visits is determined individually. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please use the portal to cancel or reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.

If you repeatedly schedule appointments and do not show up for them, we may not be able to provide services to you. Emergency appointments are available to students who may be experiencing a crisis situation. Emergencies during office hours are handled as soon as possible. In case of an evening or weekend crisis, you may call the Terrier Care Line at 864-597-4393.

Additional Services Offered

Relationship Counseling: Communication can often be problematic between two individuals. Relationship counseling will explore communication styles between roommates, friends, hallmates, or couples.

Time Limited Support Groups: These groups are for students of all ages that are interested in participating in an effective method of promoting change and growth. These groups are particularly recommended for individuals who are motivated for change, willing to share their perceptions with others, and open to receiving feedback. The group will focus on identifying each person’s interpersonal style and understanding how that impacts other people. Goals for the groups include the following: increasing self-awareness, an opportunity to experiment with new behaviors, learning from others, and obtaining support and encouragement.

Groups offered:  Safe - A group for survivors of sexual assault and/or abusive relationships to support and share with each other. This is a closed group. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kellie Buckner.

Programs and Workshops: Counseling Services sponsors workshops and groups in personal growth areas that are of interest to Wofford students. Workshops are offered for one session, usually 1-2 hours in duration, while groups are scheduled for two or more sessions. These can be organized at the request of students, faculty and/or staff.
Private Room Use: Students who do not have a private living space to meet virtually with an off-campus therapist may reserve a spot in our designated room on the second floor of the Mungo Student Life Center. This room is available on a limited basis and students should coordinate the availability of this room with their off-campus therapy sessions. After scheduling your appointment with your off-campus clinician, you may schedule an appointment with the private room at the same time and date by using the Wellness Center Patient Portal - . As the WIFI in this room is not reliable, cords are provided so that students can have wired access to internet for a laptop. 
  • Directions to the Private Room: This room can be accessed by taking the stairs or elevator to the second floor of the Mungo Student Life Center. Using the stairwell by Zack’s, the room will be immediately to your left. It is labeled “Lactation Room.” There will be a sign on the door that says either “Conference Room Available” or “Occupied.”
  • Directions for using the Private Room: 
    • If you arrive early and the door is closed and the sign indicates that the room is occupied, please do not enter the room until it is vacated. If it is 5 minutes after your appointment time and the person has not vacated, you may knock to let them know that you are waiting for the room. 
    • If the door is closed when you arrive for your appointment but the sign does not indicate that it is occupied, please knock before entering.
    • Upon entering the room, use the disinfecting products to clean your chair and anything that you may touch.
    • Change the door sign to indicate that the room is occupied and then close the door.
    • Begin your session.
    • When your session is over, please change the door sign and leave the door open for the next person.
    • Please email or inform your therapist if cleaning supplies are running low in the room.
  • Other options: In addition, students may also consider reserving the private study rooms that are available in the library. If you choose this option, you would reserve the room through the library reservation system and will not need to schedule through the Wellness Center portal. Those rooms can be scheduled at this link -