The college regularly conducts training for its constituents, including the following groups:

  • Title IX coordinator and institutional equity case coordinators
  • Investigators and decision-makers
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Campus Safety officers

These groups are trained, as appropriate and applicable, on such subjects as:

  • The Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures.
  • Title IX and related regulatory.
  • Discrimination laws related to employment and education.
  • The college’s responsibility to address allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.
  • Recognizing and responding to reports of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.
  • Understanding the effect of discrimination and harassment on victims.
  • Understanding the link between substance abuse and sexual harassment.
  • Which employees are responsible employees and which individuals and offices are confidential resources.
  • Reasonable, appropriate and sensitive interviews related to dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Conducting reliable, impartial and fair investigations.

Wofford College partners with industry experts to provide trainings, including the Association of Title IX Administrators, Everfi, Get Inclusive and D. Stafford & Associates. Wofford’s Title IX Coordinator and Institutional Equity Case Coordinators also develop and implement trainings for Resident Assistants, Responsible Employees, Confidential Resources and various other groups on campus.

In compliance with Title IX, the college will provide access to materials used to train Wofford’s Title IX coordinator, institutional equity case coordinators, investigators and decision-makers, beginning with trainings conducted after August 14, 2020.