Psychology Facilities

The Psychology Department is located on the east wing of the second floor of the Roger Milliken Science Center. The Roger Milliken Science Center houses the Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Physics departments, creating a vibrant hub of scientific activity. On the first floor you will find the Great Hall study space and a café which promotes interactions among the science faculty and students. Below are some of cutting edge facilities used to support both learning in the classroom and laboratories and publication-quality research within the Psychology department.

Neuroscience lab

The neuroscience area has a 24 seat teaching laboratory (above) along with research facilities to support Dr. Pittman’s taste behavior and neural recording experiments (below).

behavior and neural recording experiments 1

behavior and neural recording experiments 2

behavior and neural recording experiments 3

Sweet research

The health psychology laboratory

The health psychology laboratory (above) has dedicated space and resources to support behavioral testing of human subjects. The behavioral processes laboratory (below) has four rat operant chambers each with four retractable levers.

Behavioral processes laboratory

EEG and cortisol assay laboratory

There is also a dedicated EEG and cortisol assay laboratory to support the cognitive research of Dr. Bopp and Dr. Steinmetz.

ECG laboratory

EEG laboratory

There are dedicated testing rooms used by students in the laboratory sections of psychology courses. Students learn how to conduct human neurophysiological recordings such as ECG, EEG (above), EMG, EOG (below), GSR and reaction time among other experimental techniques.

EMG laboratory

EOG laboratory

There are two 24-seat classrooms (above) and several 6-12 seat seminar rooms (below) on the psychology hall used for both instruction and research meetings.

Psychology hall